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Affordably accelerate your software projects with Gekko Fox

Our team of highly skilled software engineers is carefully selected for their expertise in cutting-edge technologies and software engineering best practices. This ensures that we can deliver top-quality results quickly and efficiently, allowing you to focus on your core business and stay ahead of the curve.

Our software staffing services provide you with the best possible service quality, helping you to meet deadlines and grow your business effectively.

Outsourcing services

Dedicated Outsourcing Development Team

All of the tasks necessary for your team are delivered by us. Your team can consist of a business analyst, project manager (PM), software engineers, QA experts, DevOps engineers and other specialist roles that are defined by you for each project.

Our Dedicated Software Delivery teams are well-trained and experienced, working in short sprints to attack the backlog while maintaining flexibility to reorder and adapt if needed.

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Staff augmentation

Nearshore Software Staff Augmentation

Get remote nearshore software developers from Gekko. Our staff augmentation solutions enable you to quickly and efficiently scale up your software engineering teams. We hire and staff experienced mid-career software development professionals who have years of expertise building software with the skills you need.

We provide a flexible team that can grow or shrink as needed, helping you keep up with customer demands without putting too much pressure on your current team.

Applications development

Web applications development services

Gekko Fox is a custom software company specializing in Web Application Development and project delivery.

We develop cost-effective web applications by providing development teams who align with your business approach to meet your productivity goals and timeline.

mobile apps development

Expert developers for your mobile app projects

We will build your native or cross platform mobile app within time and budget, so you will be able to plan advanced features and business logic without having to worry whether your team can do it.

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    FAQs – Custom Software Development Services

    Frequently asked questions

    Custom software development involves creating tailor-made software solutions designed to meet the unique needs and requirements of your business. It’s a personalized approach to software that ensures optimal functionality and efficiency.

    The process typically involves discovery and requirements gathering, followed by design, development, testing, and deployment. Regular communication ensures that the software aligns with your vision at each stage.

    Custom software is built specifically for your business, addressing your precise needs. It offers greater flexibility, scalability, and the potential to streamline operations, leading to increased efficiency and competitive advantage.

    Yes, but changes during development can impact the timeline and cost. It’s essential to finalize requirements before development begins to minimize disruptions.

    Yes, custom software can be integrated with your existing systems, such as databases, CRMs, or APIs. Seamless integration enhances efficiency and data flow across your operations.

    Reach out to us with your project idea and requirements. We’ll schedule a consultation to understand your needs better and provide you with a customized proposal and roadmap for development.

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    We take pride in our actions. When we say we will deliver, we follow through with tangible results.

    Our team combines integrity, reliability, and accountability, ensuring that our promises align with our actions.

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    Latest generation apps using latest generation technologies. Enterprise is our world. Our team is experienced with Java, C#, Nodejs, PHP and almost all frontend technologies (HTML5, CSS, Javascript, Typescript, React etc), eager to provide solid software solutions for your business challenges. Accustomed with: Oracle: DB (PLSQL), ePOS, Middleware suite, CMS, Apex, Cloud Services; Microsoft: DB (MSSQL), Azure services, .NET framework, IIS, SharePoint, Dynamics CRM; IBM: DB2, Netezza, WebSphere suite (Broker, ESB, App Server)

    We make sure quality is always put first. ISTQB compliant, strong experience with manual, automation, performance and security testing, our quality team’s goal is ensuring your project readiness for going live! Comfortable with Zephyr, jMeter, LoadRunner, Selenium, TestLink, HP QC and with almost any relevant bug tracking tool. Experienced in designing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) as well, our quality assurance process starts at minute 0 and ends with a successful productive environment.

    By your side in the live environment, our support team keeps you safe. Ready to provide full technical support (L2 and L3), from hyper-care to business as usual, we are ready for your KPIs. Strong experience with business critical systems, accustomed to organising support frameworks from scratch, we treat your problems like ours. As support partners, we make sure your services run smooth, while your customers walk happy.

    Fast response and adaptation for a bulls-eye shot. Confident with game changing methodologies, adaptive and versatile, experienced with managing large enterprise projects, our statement leadership will always make a difference. Either in a fixed price context or a consulting environment, you need accurate steering and agility. Hands-on experience from our management team brings added value to your business in any context, as our expertise covers enterprise project and program management, upper management (department/directional) and people/line management, all entwined with motivational leadership.

    Our UI/UX engineers create the best user-friendly exprience your users can get. In an advanced technology world, even a Back Office system is expected to be as easy to use as possible. What if your application needs to meet the public eye? Then, building it user-centric is a condition for success. Our UI/UX team not only can help you with a pleasant view, but it can map your functional desires to what your average user would like to see. Having built applications counting millions of visitors, our team can bold the Look & Feel for which a customer happily comes back.

    Strong history with native and hybrid mobile applications for Android and iOS, as mobility became a keyword of the century. Since almost everybody today stays connected through their portable devices, accessing various services from one’s pocket makes life easier in such busy times. Needless to say, extending your business through a mobile application brings great exposure and ease of access. Our experience counts various applications covering native Android (Java SDK) and iOS (Objective-C and Swift) implementations, as well as hybrids – Ionic and Cordova.

    Need an advice? Ensure you always make the right decisions. If you are in need of deeper levels of expertise than would be financially feasible to retain in-house on a long-term basis, contracting a Consultant is the right choice. Keeping you informed and pinpoint accurate, our consultancy team covers your back with proficiency. Experienced, customer-focused and versatile, our consultancy team is your strong ally in any IT-related field of activity. Anyone bearing the “Consultant” label in our setup will bring seniority and perspective, keeping you comfortable in any intersection of your projects with their required skill set.

    Popular with good reasons, thinking enterprise means thinking SOA. For a good implementation, you need a good foundation. In an Enterprise system, designing a strong concept from the start will always be a game changer. Therefore, an Architect is always a key-player, bringing powerful versatile experience in various IT Systems, great insights and understanding of the scope, in order to achieve your goals – scaling, performance, portability, cost-efficiency and usability are a common ground, for which you need a firm handle. Our Architecture team brings decades of experience in large systems, covering Banking, Telecom, Government, Automotive, Pharma .. and the list goes on.

    Filtered access and consistent profiles to improve your business. Why hire, if not efficient? And why invest in learning something you only need now? Outsourcing brought a fresh perspective, especially to IT services (which partially made the concept “mainstream” again). Contracting a specific specialised activity not only brings cost-efficiency, but gives you access to relevant expertise and keeps your teams focused on your strategic objectives. Instead of investing in training and management of what is simply an accessory to your business, get welcomed to the “as-a-service” world. Our experts are happy to take care, while you mind your business for research, development and business growth.