End to end service delivery at competitive prices

Business Analysis

We make sure that your requirements are made clear.

Project Management

We assist you in doing the right projects right.

Software Development

Latest generation applications developed using latest technologies.

Quality Assurance

No flaw shall escape unnoticed.

Maintenance & Support

By your side in the live environment, our support team keeps you safe.

Custom Software Development Company from Romania

Product Development

The way to see a product live is through commitment & proficiency. Big or small, industry agnostic or targeting a niche, it starts with a good concept and a solid team. Our business analysts will help you write vivid your ideas. A step before “to achieve”, is “to set”. Leave it to our architects to draw the sketch and design, so our developers can THINK and IMPLEMENT the best solution. As from the start, quality assurance and control makes sure YOUR product meets YOUR requirements. And when you’re live, the support team is your partner in facing problems. Easy, Let’s do it!

Project Delivery

Strong project management and technical skills provide you with accurate costs, business-efficient milestones and detailed progress visibility. Great overview and thorough planning is what you need, so you can “mind your business”. Working together, your goals are ours too, and we are serious about delivery. Like-home comfortable in fixed price environments or ongoing backlog-based streams, we are always eager to face new challenges.

Consulting Teams or Experts

Every business encounters situations when they need human resources for a short period of time. We can help you by giving you a remote dedicated team or an expert to join your team. Our experts are of all kinds: Software architects, Project managers, Business Analysts, Software developers, Quality assurance officers, Automated Testing engineers, UI/UX developers. We make sure we understand your needs and provide you with the set of skills necessary to meet your goals!


Digital Signage

We like helping you display your work! With major implications in digital signage industry, we learned to train media players and put them to your fingers. Looks, UX and smart software solutions can make the difference you are looking for in an eye-catching industry.


Pharma is a dynamic industry and so is the software around it. As laws and procedures keep updating in the quest for constant improvement, the industry supporting software needs to keep up, as well. Aware of it’s impact on society, we are up to date with the latest regulations, so we can stand by you in need.


We love startups! Each startup business we have worked with had an interesting and unique business. Either you need a team for you to manage or want to outsource your project, we can help you. We would love to see what you do!


Heavy industry with heavy specifics, as any other of it’s kind, made us face another greenfield (from scratch) product development. Challenging budget, performance and versatility concerns, combined with another intersection with the retail world made us gain valuable expertise. Let’s roll the dice!


In-house Telecom skills in our core team, covering various implementations of various systems: online self care platforms, eCommerce, retail, CRM, mobile etc.


Applied to any business, smart software adds value. When your business is society, we all gain. Government software projects brought us specific challenges, and we are ready for more. Let’s enhance our living together!

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