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Easily build remote outsourced development teams with Gekko Fox. We build flexible, diverse outsourced development teams for companies like yours. Our team works exclusively for you, tackling your project objectives, solving your challenges and developing high-quality software solutions.

Service overview

All of the tasks necessary for your team are delivered by us. Your team can consist of a business analyst, project manager (PM), software engineers, QA experts, DevOps engineers and other specialist roles that are defined by you for each project.

The Dedicated Outsourced Development team, while autonomous, communicates and provides status updates as often as you need. The team uses feedback and discoveries from testing to modify the design and functions of the application and report to you throughout each sprint or as you prefer.

Our Dedicated Software Delivery teams are well-trained and experienced, working in short sprints to attack the backlog while maintaining flexibility to reorder and adapt if needed.

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